The world’s top startup cities

PitchBook, a leading provider of data and research for the private and public equity markets, has released its latest rankings of global cities based on the size and maturity of their startup networks. This comprehensive framework offers invaluable insights for founders, operators, and investors seeking to assess locations for expansion or investment opportunities.


In the dynamic world of venture capital, network effects play a crucial role. Research led by Harvard professor Paul Gompers indicates that over half of all investment deals originate from referrals. Therefore, it’s imperative for dealmakers to tap into these robust networks when making strategic business decisions.


The rankings provided by PitchBook are formulated using a sophisticated scoring system, leveraging the company’s proprietary data on private companies. These scores are derived from a multitude of factors, including deal activity, exits, fundraising efforts, and other relevant metrics spanning the past six years.


In this ranking, we can note a strong appearance of cities located in the United States with 20 representations (out of 50), with in particular the first place taken by San Francisco which stands out as the leading startup ecosystem in the world, which also covers Silicon Valley, a global hub of technological advancement and innovation.

In addition to being very well ranked with Shanghai and Beijing in the general rankings, Asia stands out as an emerging region in the startup network with Hefei (China), Singapore and Wuxi (China) taking the top 3 spots as highest growth score cities. 


For those interested in exploring the rankings in detail, it’s recommended to access the dashboard on a desktop device for the optimal viewing experience. Additionally, readers can delve into the methodology behind these rankings to gain a deeper understanding of how cities are evaluated and compared within the ecosystem.


As the global landscape of entrepreneurship continues to evolve, these rankings serve as a valuable resource for stakeholders navigating the complexities of the venture capital market. Whether identifying emerging hotspots for innovation or assessing established hubs for strategic investment, PitchBook’s VC Ecosystem Rankings offer actionable insights to inform informed decision-making and drive success in the ever-evolving world of startups and venture capital.

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