Looking to expand in 2024?

Craft an effective recruitment strategy in North America.

Multi-Channel Hiring Strategy

Our team of experienced recruiters designs an effective recruitment campaign, customized to your needs.

Robust Talent Selection Process

In-depth interviews, assessments and reference checks are an integral part of the selection process.

Real-Time Recruitment Analytics

You have access to a secure online dashboard with a variety of metrics to track the campaign in real time.

Vendome Partners International will guide you through the entire recruitment process:

State and Federal Employment Laws and Regulations

Visa and Work Authorizations

Effective Job Descriptions in a Highly Competitive Job Market

Interview Practices and Cultural Considerations

Salary and Compensation Practices

Background Checks, Reference Checks and Drug Testing

Benefits, Retirement Plans and Other Perks

Employee Onboarding
Do’s and Don’ts

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